Dubitus: New Magazine Features Chantha Nguon’s Story

For the very first issue of a new magazine called Dubitus, I wrote a little something about Cambodia.

My friend and colleague Thomas Tomczyk, veteran journalist and publisher, launched Dubitus this month as an online pub about travel and global issues—or as he puts it, a “magazine about daring, beauty, and truth.” He’s sending more good words into the world, so wish him well! And read on:

Weaving Lives of Silk and Freedom

Chantha Nguon weaves her blue RAV4 with steady authority through a melee of oxcarts, livestock, oncoming trucks and motos piled high with baskets, live pigs, and somehow, mattresses…read more.


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2 thoughts on “Dubitus: New Magazine Features Chantha Nguon’s Story

  1. Hi, I just stopped over from Sandra’s blog because she linked to your blog in her current post. I read your article about going to the temples in Cambodia with your lovely young guides and worrying about the “bomb holes.” What a powerful article. When I lived in Bangkok, it was still during the time when Americans weren’t allowed into Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, so I never got to visit these countries, or to see first hand the impact of the war. So glad I came over, and I look forward to reading more.

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