Images of Cambodia: Angkor Thom Gods and Demons

There seems to be a Good Cop, Bad Cop thing going on at the south gate of Angkor Thom.

Good cops to your left:

We are extremely wise and serene!

Bad cops to your right:

We have just detected a putrid odor!

Gods and demons—which are scarier? With demons at least, you know what you’re getting. Whereas with gods, it’s always peace, love, peace, THUNDERBOLT.

I don’t trust any of them.

Looking for more ancient mythological creatures from the Angkor Empire? Check out these lovelies. Or these. Or skip directly to these random toilet photos.

3 thoughts on “Images of Cambodia: Angkor Thom Gods and Demons

  1. LOVE. Sad you and my mom couldn’t chat. We were playing the slowest game of golf that Saturday so we couldn’t come by the lemonade/book stand. Hope you and I can catch up soon!

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