El Camino de Santiago: By the Numbers

The view on May 22, 2013:

Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela

The view on May 26, 2013:

Finisterre: End of the World

Finisterre: End of the World


Route: St. Jean Pied de Port—Santiago de Compostela—Finisterre

Walking days: 36

Rest days: 5

Kilometers walked: ~880

Miles walked: ~550

Days of sleet/snow: 3

Days of rain: 7

Tears shed: unknown #

Incidents of explosive GI illness: est. 7

Toenails lost: 2

Tendonitis flareups: 2

Catastrophic blisters: 3

Boots abandoned in Pamplona: 1 pr.

Bees found hiding in a hiking boot: 1

Number of times the bee “kissed” a toe: 2

Total meltdowns: 4

Photos taken: ~4,000

Bocadillos de jamón consumed: est. 35

Flowers offered by small girls through a fence: 2

Australians befriended for life: 3

Wise Frenchmen who taught us crucial things about walking: 2

Mad Andalusian chefs who taught us how to saute life in olive oil and serve it on fresh bread: 1

Moments of surpassing loveliness, human and natural: unknown #

Numbers don’t tell the tale. The rest of the story coming soon, on The Greenery Blog.

27 thoughts on “El Camino de Santiago: By the Numbers

  1. Excursion of a lifetime; jealous of the people met, the blisters, and the massive photo album. After several treks in the amazon I’ve learned that bismuth tablets dramatically decrease boughts of montezuma’s revenge. Feed me more…

  2. this is one of the best posts I’ve ever read. I can imagine the whole adventure, highlights and lowlights, and all in such a few words.

  3. I think you know this, but it bears repeating – I am really, really proud of you and Hal, the way you live your lives and the kind of people you are. I’m very fortunate to count you among my close friends.

    Looking forward to reading more.


    Sent from my iPad

  4. I know that some numbers are best left unspoken (or unwritten) because they’re part of the legend of your Camino but I can’t resist the pleasure 🙂

    Number of red wine bottles drunk on a gloomy day:
    – 13 (according to the local police officer…);
    – 29 (according to the headache in the next morning…)

    No need to write all the good things I think about our common journey, you already know everything!

  5. I finished the Camino on June 4th. Miss having a destination so much. How are you adjusting to life once you got back?

    My cousinBecky gave me your blog info-

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for writing! I’m adjusting slowly. Driving cars is pretty scary right now, and my feet are still not healed. It’s not easy to click right back into regular workdays. But seeing friends has been wonderful.

      How about you? How is life without the yellow arrows?

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  7. I can only find through Day 3 on your blog. Am I missing the rest of the trip? I’m going in September 2014 and am very excited for the Camino.

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