All Cats Are Sociopaths

And they don’t want you to succeed. Case in point:


214 thoughts on “All Cats Are Sociopaths

  1. That is adorable (and funny)!! I love cats. Mine would “chase” the cursor on my computer screen, making it hard to see anything through her. Sometimes they really don’t want you to succeed; they’re selfish!

  2. Yes cats are evil, but so delightfully so. My 13 year old black cat- Miss Isabel- is still five pounds of chaos. Her favorite thing is to keep me awake at night by licking my neck and chewing on my ears.

  3. It makes them all the more endearing I believe. Nothing like the feeling you get when your cat wants your undivided attention, or just to be on/near you.

    Never mind that it’s on their terms. The purring and soft, warm fur along with the nuzzles is worth it.

    Then there’s the fur they leave behind…

    • That’s to keep your mind lingering on sweet memories of them, even when they’re busy without you, doing their lives. Want all of your attention when they’re around you and when they’re not.

  4. Our cat likes to grab my ankle when walking past her to make me trip, gets in front of me when I’m trying to hurry to the bathroom, and just gets in the way! She’ll wait until I working on something and then jumps up and lays on my chest – then goes after my fingers while I’m trying to type; I’ll be reading from my iPod and she tries to get it out of my hand so I can scratch her head. She’s a pain in my butt – but I love her!

  5. Great photo! I used to have two kittens that insisted on draping themselves over my computer monitor (a few years back when monitors had big back ends). When they got too big to both fit it was always interesting to see who would “win”.

  6. At least your cat just sleeps on your laptop. Mr. Coco, my furry third roommate, walks on the keyboard and tries to bit the edges of the screen.

    Adorable post!

  7. Why do cats do that? And when you read a book, they always manage to climb up between you and the book and sit on it. Why, I ask you…why??

    Cute post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! πŸ™‚

  8. The most adorable road block there is. My cat used to tear off lizards limbs, leave it somewhere (but wouldn’t kill it) and then before its limbs would grow back or were kinda coming in it would tear them off again. No joke. The same cat knew how to open doors and turn on the shower.

  9. I like the photo :D.
    I have 3 cats. Each of them likes to lay between me and my monitor and cover the monitor, to walk on the keyboard or at least to lie down on the desk or in my lap. I think they are jealous of computer because they are not in the spotlight πŸ˜€ .
    I love them very much. They are wonderful creatures :OK: .

  10. Love it! My cat used to always let me know I’d been online too long: he’d jump up and sit on the keyboard, blocking the screen!

    cat tails (!) and more at

  11. I am cracking up laughing and slapping the side of the bed! I saw the headline Cats are Sociopaths, and had to click to read! “They don’t want you to succeed!” … Funny!
    I love cats and have encountered many a “paw upon hand” episodes while typing homework assignments or anything else important! Thanks for this!!!

  12. When my cat plops on my desk to obscure my work, I move him across the room to a pile of “important papers” (or so I tell him). It seems to work.

  13. I was always a dog person – never had a cat – until now. Recently I moved to live on a farm and a cat was imperative to control the shrew/mouse life that seemed to move in with us.
    Our neighbours had a litter of kittens. The only one left that no-one wanted we said we’d have. Have no idea why he was the only one left – he was the liveliest of the lot!
    Anyway- we named him *Aris* (short for Aristotle) and he’s taken over my life. What a personality I thought only reserved for dogs. I am completely converted.

    Love your post.
    Lots of respect, from me & Aris*

  14. So true! πŸ™‚

    That picture’s pretty benign, but the title reminds me of my piano lessons in highschool. My old piano teacher had a cat that used to sneak up on me while I was playing at her house and use my legs as a scratching post.

    Didn’t feel so good with shorts on – I had to start wearing jeans to avoid permanent scarring.

  15. Cute! Reminds me of my kitty, Ocean. He lays on top of my keyboard and won’t move unless I move him myself! Very cute post! πŸ™‚

  16. Haha. I work from home and my cat does this all day long and you feel bad kicking them off your desk, cause they just look so darn cute.

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  21. Great! Our cat was a bit similar. My Mum and Dad had a camping van and used to go off for a week at a time and just leave the neighbour feeding the cat. She hated it and used to try to physically restrain my mother from leaving. It was funny how she used to do it as she’d wait until my mother had a huge armful of stuff to take out to the van and couldn’t see her. Then she’d leap out, sink both sets of claws into her ankles and bite her leg. My mother used to scream and throw everything in the air – much to the amusement of the neighbours. Better than TV!

    Cats are great πŸ™‚

  22. Gorgeous!
    Cats are great – love coming home to the girls! I often work from home. My one cat gets jealous of the computer. While she has never slept on my desk, she used to sit on the keyboard! Glad she never figured out how to send!

  23. Too funny…we have a picture of our dog doing that. They must have some instinct that the precious time we’re spending on our laptops should be petting time for them. I think it’s meant to make us feel guilty. Congrats on being FP’d!

  24. I love this picture and all the comments that go with it!! No surprises that most of the videos on the Internet are cat ones πŸ™‚ I had to leave my cats for a week recently and was enjoying how seemingly eager to please they were when I got back. Now, however, we’re back on their terms…

  25. Congratulation on being Freshly Pressed. I am so glad to meet with you. This is amazing and so lovely moment. I love cats so much. I am impressed. Thank you, with my love, nia

  26. Hmmm… I wonder if the cat that adopted us and is begging to come into our house would do that. (This cat purrs every single time I carry it through the door. Every. Single. Time)

  27. So cute! My cat (orange tabby) loves to sit on my keyboard while I’m writing, especially the buttons that make all the beeping noises when they’ve been pressed for too long. I think, internally, cats feel that their masters should pay attention to them, not do lesser things like eat, breathe, post blogs… πŸ˜€ Thanks for making me grin!

  28. I’ve been working from home (or trying to at least) all week. I’ve had a cat by my side, in my lap, wrapped around my ankles, or draped across my arm for days on end! πŸ™‚ Mine must be super sociopaths!

  29. Thank you for your reminding me of how cute and evil cats can be. I have a trick that I use to get my cat to sleep on his on for a few hours. I snuggle up with Moe for a few minutes and when he’s sleepy enough I’ll put him on the sofa with a blanket over the top. He loves to snuggle under the blanket and once he’s a sleep in the afternoon nearly nothing can wake him.
    Good luck on your writing.

  30. Hahaha. I love this! It’s so true. Sometimes I can’t decide if my cats really love me, or are just watching and waiting for a moment I mess up so they can mock me, My oldest cat now has a thing where he’ll come up when I’m not paying attention and meow, loudly, into my ear to scare the bejesus out of me. He’s lucky I love him. Hah.

  31. Very cute picture. Cats get the greatest laughs out of me. I have never owned one but I am sure their shenanigans would make it well worth it!

  32. Our cat has an amazing personality too. She refuses to drink her water until she “paws” a piece or two of dry food into it, I’m assuming to give it flavor? She tries to hop in the shower with me and has even gotten wet, but comes back for more. I think she thinks she’s a dog. GASP. : )

  33. Love this! I have a similar pic with my cat lying on top of my hand which is on the mouse. She will not let me use a mouse with my laptop – ever.

  34. Nice photo! It reminded me of the cat at my mother-in-law’s house. I was working on my laptop when she lied down on top of my keyboard and I couldn’t do anything about it -_-

  35. i guess another comment to this picture will not hurt. i am a cat lover. i have two senior cats elvis and rosie years 12 and 14 and as sassy, dedicated and alert as you can imagine. my cat rosie follows me even to the bathroom-like achild your privacy goes out the window and please don’t forget their fancy feast or try is harrassment a la king. i met this classic book place in trenton the day before and over there by warren st.. i like it and thought i get their website to check it out further. thanks

  36. This is why I love ( especially my) cats- they always know, that there are better things in live than work;O) And it is a nice excuse for a furry break, isn’t it?

  37. Great Pic! My cat, as well as parking on the newspaper I’m reading, will also park her butt on the my yoga mat…while I’m doing yoga! Usually I’m in down-dog posture, which may or may not be a hint πŸ™‚

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  39. I have to agree. In college, my cat slept on top of my piles of paperwork when I was trying to study for midterms and finals – only the single most important tests of each semester.

    Their sociopathic tendencies are well-disguised by their cuteness, which they understand and use to their advantage.

  40. Great photo! I’m honestly more of a dog person, but I do love my cats too. All pets: dogs, cats, rodents, horses and antelope (Yes, that is what I am entertained by recently.) are a source of comic relief to the too serious human intellect. Scroll through my blog for proof!

  41. Absolutely fantastic. My cat is no different. Sure, they seem cute and cuddly. But if I dropped dead in my home, that jerk would probably eat my face.

  42. My cats harrass me when I’m on the computer. It’s like they don’t want me to work on it. They walk between me and the screen, I have to use one hand to keep them from walking on the keyboard, and it’s just impossible to work on the computer unless I put them out of the room and shut the door. They don’t do this with anything else I do. Weird.

    • The iPhone makes it possible! I’ve even taken photos with the left while holding a shotgun mic with the right. Serious multitasking action.

  43. My cat always sits on my lap when I try to put on my shoes to leave. After being placed on the floor she starts the “Where’s the lazer Pointer?” game. Then when I get my keys and reach the door she is sulking alone in the window and won’t even look my way as I exit. Now I feel awful!

  44. my cat, for the most part, takes naps while i work. usually he’s on my mini-fridge in my office just wasting away the day. if i’m on he phone and pacing about, then he’ll get active and start attacking my legs and other things. if only my clients knew that while i’m talking to them, i have a cat clawing at my feet… priceless.

  45. bahahaha. Thank you for this! My cat is the stereotypical, “Hey, let me totally distract you and try to trip you up so you can fall flat on your face and get nothing done for the rest of the day!” Congrats on FP!

  46. I love, love, love this! Completely agreed. Cats are such attention whores. My kitten (who seems to be growing larger by the day) can never let me give my attention to anything other than him. My Kindle has teethmarks on it.

    I just started my blog yesterday, and actually included a picture of my kitten in my first post! They’re so fun to photograph. Yours is a great shot.

  47. So true. My cat will crawl onto my lap, and start snuggling the closest hand, which usually ends up being the one for the mouse. So then I end up stopping to pet him hoping that my affection will turn him away eventually, but I’m proved wrong every time. The little guy could sit there and enjoy rubs, scratching, kneading, and more rubbing for hours and hours.

  48. That kinda looks like my cat!
    She’s known for spreading herself across my keyboard and making the speakers go crazy while I run for a cup of coffee…

  49. It is SO true! When I used to have study session with a friend, the cat was always stepping on our books, or trying to take a nap on them. It followed all around the house, the yard, the porch, every place we went to run away and to have a place to study peacefully. It was there.

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