“Easy Macro” Buttercup

A gentle plug for a mini macro lens that slips onto your iPhone: Initial tests indicate that fun will be had.

I just got a new toy for my iPhone: a tiny macro lens that slides over the regular lens and attaches via a comical rubber band that looks as if it once held broccoli spears together. The lens was only $15, so I wasn’t expecting much. But the results weren’t bad. Here’s a “macroed” buttercup pic I took this morning:

Nothing life changing, but kind of fun. I foresee some good times this spring lying in the mud and shoving the iPhone into the middle of a great many unsuspecting flowers. It’s a bit tricky to maneuver—you’ve got to get in really close, which tends to cast a shadow from your instrument, if you’re not careful. And it’s tough to get a decent focus (especially with the wind blowing the @#$% buttercups all over the place). Several neighbors crossed to the other side of the street when they saw me attacking the stand of innocent daffodils this morning (and cursing the breeze). But then, that’s part of the fun.

And for $15, what do you have to lose?

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3 thoughts on ““Easy Macro” Buttercup

  1. Hey, I ordered one of these, and it came today. It’s pretty awesome! Looking forward to playing around with it. Thanks for sharing!

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