Au Revoir, Mardi Gras

It’s Ash Wednesday, otherwise known as “Trash Wednesday” in New Orleans, as the city tidies up after the festivities.

Last week NOLA delivered a perfect Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as “Amateur Night” to the likes of husband Hal. It was a sparkling 70-degree, diamond-clear day—a perfect morning for a 4-mile hike down Magazine Street for a leisurely breakfast and another hike back. Thence to the Quarter in the afternoon, stopping to enjoy a Bloody Mary at Coop’s Place and a game of chess at our favorite cigar shop. Dinner at our new favorite spot, Sylvain – Southern antipasti, oyster and leek velouté, crispy duck confit. A week early, but a very fat Tuesday it was.

New Orleans always dazzles my eyeballs with her ungodly prettiness. But all gussied up for the party? The place utterly ensorcelled me. Happy VD, MG, and AW to you, my NOLA! Will you be mine?


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