Spring in the ‘Hood – Episode 1

Mediocre spring haiku:

Excavating weeds / from a mass of creeping phlox / cannot pull just one

First burst of weeding this year: attempted to free the creeping phlox from a belligerent weed formation that threatened to overrun and sack the defensless perennial. Phlox blooms early, so I usually like to run my initial counterattack on the weed infantry there, punch in a small weed-free salient to give the little purple beauties some room to breathe in early April.

Once you get started, it’s impossible to stop. Two large piles of weeds are already rising in the back yard, and the weed divisions just keep coming.

Meanwhile, on Halcyon, buttercups are at full volume, crocuses proliferate, and in The Greenery, Lenten rose (helleborus) quietly shows off just how classy it is (although a tad supercilious at times, to be sure). Stay tuned for Episode 2: purple hyacinths, redbud, and much more.



Lenten Rose

More on the crocus front


Otis takes a hit of catmint

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