March Features: People Who Improve the Planet

These women not only do good, they do well. “Do-gooders” get a bad rap sometimes; but there’s no self-righteous piety up in here. These two women not only make their corner of the world better, they thrive in the doing of it. And “thrive,” in this sense, has nothing to do with wealth, fame, or reality television.


photo: Jude Ferrara

Some people do the hard work in this world. These are the modest, can-do souls who show up in the wake of disaster and quietly start cleaning things up.

Char Creson uses the words “coach” and “witness” to describe her job. As counselor to sexual assault survivors, she helps people cast off shame and rebuild their lives.

Read the full HER Nashville story here.

EBT + Cessna

101-year-old Evelyn Bryan Johnson has logged more flight time than any living person–more than 57,000 hours (or 6 1/2 years) in the air. She’s taught so many people to fly that she lost count after 3,000. And she’s spent a long, happy life doing the thing she loves most.

Read the full Spry Living feature here.

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