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Click t-shirt design to see Cindy's "Classic Coup" site and blog

I met an articulate and vivacious high school teacher named Cindy at Art Crawl last fall. We hit it off. She’s a writer and a lover of classic literature, so we had lots to talk about. And then I noticed what she had for sale:

T-shirts for book geeks. I fell in love with them. And I immediately bought the one pictured to the left for my mom. Who loved it.

Here are a few more of Cindy’s “Clasic Coup” designs:

“Party @ Gatsby’s”

“Heathcliff Began My Bad Boy Bent”

“So Many Elizabeths, Not Enough Darcys…”

And, of course, a “Please Sir, I Want Some More” baby onesie.

By the way, if you get all these references, you’re probably a bit of a book geek too.

Check out an article about Cindy, her blog, and her t-shirt designs in the latest issue of HER Nashville.

One thought on “Literary Fashion

  1. Kim is right; I love my “Atticus Finch for Chief Justice” t-shirt. Once more, thanks, Kim, for the gift. One of my favorite novels. My guy is reading it for the first time.
    Growing old isn’t so bad if my memory fails and I can read it for the first time again.
    Kim’s mom

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