Jonesing for a ring? Ask him yourself.

Just in time for Hal’s and my 9th anniversary (which we believe to be this Friday), and also for Valentine’s Day (which Hal insists is “Amateur Night”), here is the story of how Hal and I met and how I asked him to marry me on a rudimentary slip ‘n’ slide.

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Apparently, plenty of women take the proposal bull by the horns, as I did. When I asked my Facebook friends whether they knew of any ladies who’ve done the asking, I got lots of positive replies:

“We were sitting in the Boston Common watching the swan boats and I said, ‘What do you think about getting married?’ The rest is history.” -M

“I started shopping for rings and told him I’d found one and made him go with me to buy it. He didn’t have a chance!” -K

“I asked D___ to marry me, on Halloween – he was dressed up like Carmen Miranda.” -J

“R___ and I were having a glass of wine in my garden one summer evening. He asked me what I was thinking about. I said ‘marriage.’ He said ‘me, too.’ Nothing more was said until the NEXT evening…We’re on our way out to dinner and are stopped at a traffic light. And I asked ‘to each other?’ He said ‘yes.’ That was it.” -S

After several similar stories, someone made this observation, which seemed apt: “I’m getting the feeling based on the previous posts that most women who ask men to marry them do it very casually – without pomp and circumstance…” -A

And then there was this: A Nigerian pilot who friended me said, “Now thats strange..i would run away if a lady proposed to me. What i know its against the Bible & Christianity.” -J

He’s not my FB friend anymore.

I guess the moral of the story is, ask him yourself, Ladies! If he says yes, you win. And if he says, “its (sic) against the Bible,” then you dodged a bullet.

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