Cool Ideas: Pallet Fence

Check out the new back-patio fence at The Stone Fox:

Our friend William Tyler (with his sister Elise) just opened The Stone Fox in The Nations, a West-Nashville neighborhood that might just be the Next Big Thing. We sat with William on the back patio of his new watering hole on opening night a week ago. “You look kinda deer in the headlights,” Hal told him. William laughed and shook his head. “It’s not real yet,” he said.

It felt pretty real to me. I loved the funky slat fence, built out of old, discarded pallets in delightfully disorderly vertical and horizontal rows, with flower boxes incorporated into the design. And as night fell, the twinkly lights woven behind and between the slats winked on and lit up yellow pansies and red chrysanthemums planted in the tiny boxes.

Not sure how the wood will weather a winter with wet and freezing soil next to it; but when you consider the cost of pallet wood (free), it’s not such a big deal to replace the boxes every few years. I love the reuse-and-recycle concept, and the fence looks old and playfully ramshackle, like something you’d find at Pippi Longstocking‘s house. I hereby deem this idea eminently theftworthy, and The Stone Fox back yard an official The Greenery “Best Patio” pick.

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