Directing Traffic

Top 5 Bizarre Google Searches that Led People to This Blog:

(And where they should have gone instead.)

5. Porno babushki – Sorry, frustrated searchers! No Russian elderporn here.

redirect: You should have watched this video instead. (The bomb diving into underwear is particularly suggestive.)

4. Cactus Man – Not far off the mark: perhaps you were seeking the famous Cactus Man podcast?

redirect: Or you may prefer this.


3. Naked+locker room – A theme emerges…these seekers must be terribly disappointed.

redirect: Full Frontal NUTV Locker Rm etiquette video. Hotttt.


2. Are cats sociopaths? – Glad you asked! Here’s my take.

redirect: Or may I suggest this:



1. Greenery for stupids – Congratulations! You came to the right place




3 thoughts on “Directing Traffic

  1. You never know, what starts as a search for online nudity could connect some clueless so-and-so to your site, and win him over (why do I assume it is a male) raising his internet reading standards and scoring you a forever fan! Still, I am sure your re-directs are appreciated! My biggest winning search term is “orca meat.” By far. It makes you wonder…

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