12South Farmer’s Market Gallery

I’ve loved strolling or biking to Sevier Park on Tuesday afternoons these last few months.

Mealy tomatoes trucked from Mexico? Skip it. Eat these instead.

The 12South Farmer’s Market turned out to be a great idea, well-executed, and it increased my quality of life immensely. We stocked up weekly on Delvin Farms and Ramble Hill Farm veggies and fruit, Kenny’s Farmhouse cheeses, Gammon Family milk and eggs. And a few weeks ago, I became completely addicted to Stephanie Waring’s fresh-pressed juice. That first Tuesday, I took home a bottle of “Whoa”—apple, beet, kale, ginger juice—and chugged it down with abandon. I’ve been buying 5 at a time of whatever she’s got every week since then.

The Juice Nashville: I. Must. Have. This. Juice. Now.

Other favorites: Pam Daley’s delicious quinoa salad, granola, and veggie sides, and Mary Carter’s addictive chocolate cookies. And it wasn’t just the food I enjoyed—I loved the experience of walking down the street and getting to know the people who were feeding me all that fabulous food.

Pam Daley, Spark of Life Healing Foods

Tuesday was the perfect final market day of the season—70 degrees, deep blue sky, the whole neighborhood out and enjoying the golden afternoon. I loaded up on cheese, juice, cookies, granola, quinoa salad, and apple pie, snapped some pics, and pedaled home to start feasting.

Stephanie Waring feeds my newest addiction


The Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese lady fears not


Mary Carter stitches a Halloween costume and feeds me scary-good cookies


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