The ‘Hood, All Gussied Up

Check out the ‘hood tomorrow on the 12South Home Tour, from 10:30 to 4:30, Saturday April 16th.

Weather permitting, we’ll open the gate to Halcyon Garden on an informal basis. Drop by and see what’s growing, and observe the gardeners at work, potting our favorite  annuals—like Persian Shield and dichondra. (Yep, it’s the annual Annual Day!)

And if you’re a 12South newbie, check out the backstory: this article in HER Nashville  speaks to Halcyon days of yore—SWAT raids, exploding cars, and all.

12South might not want you to know about her seedier past, but you can’t hide from what you once were. In fact, why not celebrate the transformation? Who doesn’t love an Eliza Doolittle story, after all?

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