A Moveable Feast (via HER Nashville)

These two young social entrepreneurs hope they’ve found a recipe for a food revolution. Taste for yourself.

by Eric England, for HER

In this month’s HER Heart column, we meet Jenny Vaughn Harrison and Benjamin Surmi, young socially-conscious chefs who’ve just launched FEAST Together—an innovative approach to feeding people.

Harrison’s and Surmi’s idea is to create a network of nonprofit, “collaborative kitchens” in which members pay a fee to support a chef who prepares weekly meals (from local, fresh ingredients) for cost. Think CSAs for prepared food; or imagine having a private chef regular folks can actually afford.

excerpt: “People think of us as one of two things,” (Harrison) muses. “One, they think we’re trying to be Mother Theresa and save the world, feed all the hungry people. Two, they think we are for the high-end Birkenstock crowd, people with a Gucci food bag.”

They are neither, Harrison smiles. “We’re creating an alternative — a very exciting food experience that people are willing to pay for because it’s worth the money. Trying to work on social justice in a very doable way, but also keep this not like a charity, nor just a high-end thing, but kind of bringing people together in a way most businesses don’t do.

“In the end, no one’s doing what we’re doing,” says the 29-year-old Harrison, whose blend of idealism and clear-eyed savvy may turn out to be just the right recipe for a food revolution. “So we’ll see!”

Click here to read the full article.  

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