5 Things That Scare Me

5. The worst music videos of all time were all made between 1979-1985. Those should have been crucial formative years for my aesthetic sensibilities. Instead, I made Toto mix tapes. See NPR’s Bottom 8…the horror.

4. Now Serving 7 BillionGuess why I’m not having kids? Just doing my bit for the planet.

See “World Population: A National Geographic Photographic Tour”

3. Pornographic pumpkin carving kitsAren’t pumpkin guts gross enough?


2. The sheer magnitude of mind-blowing ribs Hal is smoking right now. Scary good.

1. This creepy as $#!^ story in GQ – about a Russian film director who’s gone all Stalin on set in Kharkov, Ukraine. It’s part Stanford Prison Experiment, part Sartre’s “No Exit,” part “1984”; this guy makes Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” meltdown look like a bad hair day.

moral: Human beings can adapt to the totalitarian mindset in about the time it takes to get to your number at the DMV.


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5 thoughts on “5 Things That Scare Me

  1. I think some of these music videos have to be taken in the context of the times, after all the ’80s were the epitome of bad taste in many, many areas. I actually liked “The Warrior” and even if I giggle now, have fond memories of trying to explain some BS underlying meaning of the video to drunken frat boys. But yeah, the other ones? Total horror.

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