“Transitioned” Part 3

Pt. 3: Ann Jetton tells her story

Tune into WPLN (Nashville Public Radio) 90.3fm tomorrow morning to hear Part 3 of “Transitioned,” a series about Tennesseans adapting to an economy in flux.

In the first part (titled No One Can Survive Without Backup), we heard from Rachel Agee, who’s been unemployed for two years and may soon lose her house. In the story, she talks with unyielding wit and candor about how she’s surviving: by turning to her love of the stage and learning to ask for help from friends.

Mead abides, and adapts

Part 2 (Be More Than Just One Thing) featured songwriter David Mead, who hit the big-label lottery in the 1990s. But like many musicians, he’s finding it harder and harder to make a living from his creative work as the music industry changes shape irrevocably. Mead adapts by putting in hours at a construction site, saying yes to all manner of music opportunities, and redefining himself as something more, and more multifaceted, than he was before.

In Part 3 (“Fear Not”) we hear from Ann Jetton, who’s had to create a new life plan after losing her job two years ago. I dare not reveal more, except to say that she loves her adopted dogs, finding ways to help others, and the music of Stevie Wonder.

To find out more, tune in to WPLN 90.3fm tomorrow morning at 6:34 and 8:34am and once again at noon. Or visit the news archive at wpln.org to hear any of these stories online. Many thanks to Rachel, David, and Ann for telling their stories so fearlessly, and with such humor and wisdom.

Much more to come.

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