Bubba’s Belizean Backyard

My other favorite spot on earth (besides Halcyon Garden) is our friend Bubba’s backyard in Placencia, Belize.

Bubba's buoy trees

It’s a wonderland of Central American flora we’ve watched grow from the saplings Bubba planted a decade ago to a lush tropical eden and haven for birds, iguanas, and even (gasp) tarantulas.

We’re lucky to know Bubba’s backyard, and the man himself—raconteur, irreverent funnyman you can’t take anywhere, barefoot best man at a jungle wedding with (aside from him) no invited guests.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to be invited to watch the sun sink low over Placencia Lagoon from a hammock on Bubba’s back verandah, do not pass up this opportunity. He’ll fix you a One Barrel on ice, then tell you a tale that make you snort rum out your nose. When it’s time for you to go, he’ll let you know.

But you’ll be back.

And don’t even bother to ask him his real name.

For those who’ll never get that chance, here’s a gorgeous glimpse into a day in the animal life of Bubba’s backyard. Mostly, you’d have to slow down more than most of us know how in order to see all this. Fortunately for us, Bubba’s sped it up a bit so we impatient types (who insist on wearing shoes) can see the show. He’s good that way.

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10 thoughts on “Bubba’s Belizean Backyard

  1. Great video. i watched it while eating my own banana for breakfast. I recognized a lot of those birds as visitors to Baltimore if not permanent residents. The tarantula however . . .

      • I think this the same Bubba I worked w in the film business in Nashville in the 80s! Great guy! Very.talented,one of a kind, tell him Hutch misses him,thx

  2. …But seriously—it must be just awesome to live in a place that is still full of diverse wildlife specimens and not a concrete jungle. Bubba’s garden seems like an Eden bursting with life and color! I am totally green with envy! What I would give to experience such a beautiful place.

  3. I think this is the same Bubba I worked w in the film business in Nashville in the 80s,great guy,very creative,and I know his real full name,but that’s my secret and his! Miss you Bubba,Hutch

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