Now Hear This: Stories About Dads

On this Father’s Day Sunday, a few stories about dads, by the best audio storytellers in all the land.

Get your hankies ready.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Hero dads, fathers who don’t know best, and disappearing papas—we never stop wanting to make them proud, even if they’re not wise (or present) enough to notice. These audio artists tell their best stories of paternal love and abandonment: sons thanking fathers for a job well done, fatherly advice to a daughter (about funerals), and one kid’s refusal to believe her dad would really leave.

StoryCorps: Prepare to weep as this daughter and dad recall his years at Bowdoin, just out of the Navy at 27, as a single dad.

Hearing Voices: Scott Carrier teaches his son about skiing and life; Jay Allison recalls a frank talk with his daughter about his love life; comic strip artist Lynda Barry waits for her dad on Father’s Day. And waits.

This American Life: Aric Knuth asks his dad why he never wrote back during his long sea voyages; Lennard Davis asks his uncle frank paternity-related questions; and Paul Tough tries to understand his eccentric dad’s longtime quest for extraterrestrial life.

Studio 360: Joel Stein attempts to up his manliness street cred at the firing range, the better to raise a son; Ed Zimmerman recalls his dad’s love of opera.

Radiolab: Producer Ari Daniel Shapiro tells the story of a young woman’s search for the man whose sperm donation led to her conception. With smart and entertaining musings on fatherhood by Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad.

NPR Weekend All Things Considered: A father and son retrace Homer’s The Oddysey together.

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