A Thousand Words

Caption contest

Winner gets a virtual pat on the back, eternal pride of authorship, and possibly a sandwich.

Seen in North Alabama—a misbegotten branding moment for a BBQ restaurant. Caption winner announced next Friday! If winner is a Nashville local, I will buy him a pulled pork sandwich at Edley’s BBQ (NOT home of the aforeposted sign). Post captions below!

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9 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Porky – “I don’t know exactly what I ate earlier but it feels like I have a Chicken bone stuck in my arse!”

  2. I seen chicken-fried steak, and I seen pulled-pork barbeque, but dang if this ain’t the first time I seen chicken-poked-pork hams.

  3. And the winner is: Ingrid, for “Where’s the beef?” (Mike B, you were neck and neck, a cult favorite. But I had to go with Ingrid.)
    So, Ingrid: How to collect your BBQ sandwich? Do you prefer pulled chicken or pork? 🙂

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