Hailstorm Cocktail Recipe

When the sky gives you ice, make a cocktail:

The Hail Yes! Cocktail

Recipe: Once the freight-train whine and stampeding rhinoceros sounds subside, it’s safe to emerge from the basement and collect ice for your tasty beverage. Gather hailstones in a bowl, all the while carefully monitoring nearby cloud formations for rotational tendencies.

Rinse hailstones with cold tap water. Distribute ice into cocktail glasses, one glass for each adult cowering in your basement. Cover ice with whatever spirit you have on hand.*

Add just enough juice or mixer to add a hint of color to your clear alcohol of choice. Do not over-dilute! You will need every bit of this cocktail’s strength to face post-hailstorm inspection of your small trees, your roof, and your automobile’s pockmarked hood.

Garnish with fresh mint, carry glasses to basement, serve, and hunker down for next squall line. Enjoy!

*We suggest rum and Orangina.

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