Sloco Sandwich Shop

Welcome to my ‘hood, Sloco!

I’m not a big sandwich fan, generally. To me, all that bread=impending food coma and afternoon nap. But I like how you roll, Sloco. Here’s why:

Statement of purpose is succinct. Speed is appreciated.

NYC-like in style, modernity, & efficiency

Restaurant has a founding document! (Next up: a constitution)

Greens cultivated right on counter

Playful, self-deprecating signage

Somebody seriously loves agave soda and delightful colored boxes.

Nice packaging & fast service, all 2 blocks from my porch

This new sandwich shop just opened in a cool little spot previously occupied by 2 successive sandwich joints that did not survive. There’s a danger of this slim space becoming cursed real estate.

Hopefully, Sloco will figure out a formula that works. Chef Jeremy Barlow and his creative team certainly have their food philosophy down cold: local, fresh, simple, fast, affordable. All that remains is this: do people like the sandwiches? I can’t judge, because I do not, as a rule, prefer the sandwich as a food delivery system.

But I’m rooting for you, Sloco. I like your style.


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3 thoughts on “Sloco Sandwich Shop

  1. You should try it anyway. The bread isn’t heavy and the sandwiches are packed with all the other good stuff you really want. Jeremy has a unique take on everything he does and his food is AMAZING! And I’m not just saying that because he is a friend.

    • Thanks so much for the review, Cara! I liked the shaved Seitan sandwich—interesting and unique, and the chicken salad on toasted wheat bread was definitely a high-quality sandwich. I’m usually right up there with an opinion on all things edible, but since I’m not a sandwich lover, I thought I’d keep quiet and let others chime in. Thanks for doing so!

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