High-Class Camping

Sure. You can martyr yourself to experience the Great Outdoors, if you prefer. Me, I’d just as soon skip the whole sleeping on the ground, eating dehydrated moussaka from a bag scenario. Here’s how we do it at the Buffalo River:

10pm-6am: Sleep in a bed, in a screened treehouse with a roof, gently warmed by a wood-stove fire:

7am: Coffee time! Made in a percolator on the wood stove:

10am: Move percolator and self to fire pit. Stay there most of day:

6pm: Dinnertime – Cornish game hens and veg in a Dutch oven on the fire à la Jason:

10pm: Repeat

*Tune in soon for High-Class Camping, Part 2: How to poop in a bucket…in style and comfort…and other helpful hints.





8 thoughts on “High-Class Camping

  1. How beautiful – I love the idea of “high class camping” and your photographs are absolutely lovely. The setup of this post kind of reminds me of picture books that you read when you are small. It’s kind of nice to return to that with mature material. I really enjoyed this!

    – Cynthia

  2. the way things are going we probably going to have to learn some of this skills. i understand the bathroom deal. i used to go in a outhouse; which means you go in a hole on the outside with some cover of wood or metal for privacy and do you thing. we had toilet paper what about you guys?

    • Our small, unfinished bathhouse contains a bucket “improved” with a plastic bag and plastic seat. We haul the waste out in bags. Not as comfy as being indoors, but the view (river and forest) is excellent!

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