WPLN’s “Transitioned” Series Begins

“Transitioned” – Stories of people in our community adapting to an economy in flux, on Nashville Public Radio

I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past year about the economy. In those discussions, folks don’t tend to talk about unemployment numbers, the TED Spread, or the Dow.

Most of us don’t experience our financial lives in terms of economic indicators; we experience jobs and joblessness, bankruptcy, foreclosure, the success or stagnation of our businesses, a steady paycheck, or the failure of mailbox money to arrive like it once did.

We experience the economy in personal stories, the ones we live and the ones we share. That’s why I started thinking last December about producing a radio series that would zoom in on what’s happening in individuals’ economic lives–their successes and failures, frustrations and hard lessons, and the many ways they lift resilience out of anxiety and despair.

These will be stories of struggle and uncertainty, but also of resourcefulness and metamorphosis. Because it’s not enough to just survive the recession. Whatever economic landscape emerges once this downturn swings back, it won’t look like the one we knew before. The rules of the game are changing, some industries are transforming permanently, and we’re realizing that no one’s place in the market is assured forever.

We can’t just survive; we have to change.

In the next weeks and months, you’ll hear people’s stories of uneasy transformation. People re-assessing their value in the marketplace, and their values in the world. People learning to do something else, to be someone else.

Tomorrow at 6:34 and 8:34am, tune into WPLN 90.3fm to hear the first of these stories–of Rachel Agee, who’s facing foreclosure after losing her job two years ago. She tells her story with searing candor and wry humor.

"Transitioned" Part 1 - Rachel Agee

If you have a story of transition you’d like to share, post it here or email transitioned@wpln.org. The station will post some of those stories on their website, and a few of them may end up on the air.

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