Orwell’s Blog

Since 2008, The Orwell Prize has been blogging George Orwell’s diaries 70 years to the day after he wrote them. I particularly love this most recent “post,” a moment of springtime loveliness as the blitz rages in London.


(March 4th. In European format, the day goes before the month.)

At Wallington.*  Crocuses out everywhere, a few wallflowers budding, snowdrops just at their best.  Couples of hares sitting about in the winter wheat and gazing at one another.  Now and again in this war, at intervals of months, you get your nose above water for a few moments and notice that the earth is still going round the sun.

*Orwell (Eric Blair) and his wife Eileen rented a small farm in Wallington off and on between 1936 and 1947. He based the farm of Animal Farm fame on an estate in the area.

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