A Pilgrim’s Progress

21_Day 4

A few weeks ago, I asked a close male friend to look over this essay about a tough moment between my husband Hal and me on a long, hard day of walking the Camino de Santiago. I was worried it was too honest, too personal, too raw a description of how things escalate fast when people who love each other get tired and frustrated and mad, and counter grump with grump instead of wising up and fixing things.

I wanted the friend to tell me, straight up, whether the story might hurt Hal’s feelings, or embarrass him. But when I told Hal I’d done this, he said, “WTF?! Just send it. I’m a big boy.”

Here’s the reply Hal sent:

Hal's email

So I did. Here’s the result:

Scene story

13 thoughts on “A Pilgrim’s Progress

  1. The seed was planted over 10 years ago for me to walk the Camino. I thought I’d do it solo, but now with a husband and a son, I think it will be a family journey – possibly, next summer. I followed your blog with hopes to read some narrative about your experience. I love this piece. Beautiful. Thanks so much!

  2. Your article on nashvillescene is a beautiful story and inspiring one. It did give me some thought about the relationship and it’s not necessary to be for only a couple, but it also can put a food for thought in any relationship. Sometimes people have their bad days and they might not be their true self ;and we shouldn’t forget that. I like the point that you said ‘Go Big’ ‘Right Now’.

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    • Thank you! You’re right. It is hard to remember sometimes that the way a person is in any given moment isn’t the best version of them. Especially when *you* are very tired and sore, too. 🙂

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