Garden Art

A little goes a long way.

Although there are no hard, fast rules governing the proper non-botanical ornamentation of gardenry, there are certainly a few guidelines I think we can all basically agree on:

1. Less is more.

2. Herds of fake deer? Not so much.

3. Tires, painted or otherwise: Skip it, dude.

4. Did I mention, apply sparingly?

5. There is really no situation in which a cartoonish lawn jockey is OK.

Here are a few examples from the Halcyon Garden. A few are almost tasteful. Others provide comic relief. You be the judge:

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6 thoughts on “Garden Art

    • Thanks! I kind of love my weird little collection: stained glass art made by Mom, cheesy but fun pagodas and generic Eastern wizened little men, Buddhas or all kinds, and a real fire hydrant, a gift from our crazy mechanic friend Kenny, who has 3 of everything. And of course, Otis the Cat, an immovable object.

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