Rumours Closing February 4th

If you’ve always wanted to try that quaint little wine bar on 12th Avenue South, you’d better hurry.

Owner Christy Shuff has announced that February 4th will be the restaurant’s final day in business at its current location. Here is a note she sent to the regulars earlier today:

Dear friends & family,

As you may know, Rumours must close its doors to make way for new construction in the 12South neighborhood.

While it’s hard for us in the Rumours community to let go, progress on such a scale is inevitable on 12th Avenue South. We’ve had a fantastic run. I am grateful and happy for the decade I’ve spent watching 12South change and grow, and for the opportunity to grow and learn alongside a neighborhood that has become so dear to me. Thank you for your support, business, and kindness.

With that said, I want to invite you all to help us celebrate our ten-year run on 12South! Today begins the 20 DAY countdown to February 4th, which will be our last night in business at 2304 12th Ave. South. Please spread the word, so that we can share our last twenty days with a restaurant full of amazing people.

Love & kindness,

If you’re already a fan of Rumours Wine and Art Bar, please consider having a few glasses of wine there over the next three weeks. A great turnout before the 4th would go a long way towards helping Christy and Jenn get started on the next iteration of Rumours, and not just financially. It’s tough to weather the summary shutdown of your creation and means of livelihood, wholly on someone else’s terms. It takes tremendous energy and a big leap of faith to press on afterwards and begin again.

So here’s the plea: If you enjoy the friendly little watering hole and the community that has arisen there, vote with your feet (and wallets) between now and the 4th. Let the Rumours folks know you like what they do. I’ll see you there.

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5 thoughts on “Rumours Closing February 4th

  1. It’s heartwarming that there’s such great support for a neighborhood wine bar. It IS sad to see them go they’re such an institution, especially for that area.

    What is the fundraiser for?

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