“Autumn Joy”—Aptly Named

I keep hearing that a strong “niche” blog needs to have lots of lists. So here goes:

Five Reasons You Should Plant Sedum “Autumn Joy” Right Now


5. It looks like this in October.

4. It’s lower-maintenance than a stray cat. Requires little or no pesky watering, pruning, feeding, or vaccinations.

3. It can have fun in a rockfight. Seriously. Plant it in a rock garden and watch how much fun it has.

2. It cures erectile dysfunction. Not that there’s any proof. But that’s never stopped people from believing things before.

1. It’s free! I’m not kidding. All potted up, and available at the Halcyon Garden. Come by and get you some.

4 thoughts on ““Autumn Joy”—Aptly Named

  1. I love Autumn Joy, however it’s a distant second to my favorite succulent which is “Stone Crop” Sedum. I like the rusty red foliage as opposed to the brighter green.

    I have a problem with my sedum falling out this time of year. Any suggestions other than staking.

    If you have a chance, please read my blog at lundholmlandscaping.wordpress.com.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi! Mine are doing the same thing. I think, though, if you cut it back a bit in mid-June or so, it will be less leggy and tend to flop less in October. Of course, I didn’t do this this summer, so…floppy sedum. Could also divide it in spring. That might help.

  2. I sometimes use the iPhone camera with Instagram app (to play with color and depth of field), but for this one I used a Canon EOS Rebel digital SLR.

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