For more than a year, I’ve been writing essays, features, and a monthly column for HER Nashville, a local women’s monthly edited by the lovely and stylish Abby White Plachy. Here a a few of my favorites from the spring and summer:


A Tomboy Turns 40 – A madcap obstacle race complete with fire, mud, and barbaric hordes can soothe a broken heart — if you happen to be mourning your former life as an athlete.


photo: Jude Ferrara

Small steps, and great leaps forwardZumba instructor Alison Egerton believes in investing in women’s lives, even if those lives play out behind bars. And her commitment to female inmates’ health has spurred life changes that reach beyond the walls.


Mother, But Not Mom: I Have Two Kids…That I Know Of – Sometimes, a spur of the moment decision made for all the wrong reasons can be catastrophic. But not always. (Subtitle: Ova. They’re not just for breakfast anymore.)


Halcyon DaysWhen Hal and I bought the broken-down eyesore on Halcyon Avenue almost 11 years ago, we had no idea it would lead to my mom’s inclusion on the Home Depot Most Wanted List. Or shovel fights. Or that A Thing would move in with us and claw its way up and down the walls. The horror…

4 thoughts on “Recents

  1. Wow, I’m very amazed by you (and your husband). You’ve been blessed with multiple talents, all (obviously) very well developed! I went to your “kimandhal” website (at first, I thought you were Buddhist or some other religion/ nationality and was trying to sound out the word and decipher its meaning..) and absolutely adored your photography. You’re much more than the amateur you claim to be. Had I not read your “about me” page, I would have guessed that you’ve been doing “this” since you were twelve.

    In kind regard,
    Aun Aqui

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