Halcyon Garden Tour

A stroll through the Halcyon Garden on an early-April morning

Come in the side gate, up a flagstone path that passes through a redbud and Japanese maple grove, and pass through a rusty metal arch covered with climbing hydrangea:

Follow the flagstones as they curve left around the deck towards a circular brick patio. You’ll find redbuds in bloom and the brilliant maroons and lime-greens of Japanese maples and heuchera, just leafing out.

Follow the patio as it curves, towards a stepping-stone path that leads to a stone patio, phlox in bloom, and a bench–which is Otis the Cat’s favorite sunning spot.

Turn right to find a pergola and ‘curly gates’–the boundaries of the gardeners’ work and supply area: bags of peat, pots of heuchera to be planted, pine mulch bales, and a climbing porcelain berry vine just leafing out.

Last, climb the stairs to the outbuilding’s deck and survey the scene, looking back the way you came in, from on high.

Take a seat, get yourself a beverage from the outdoor beer fridge, and relax on the shady deck. If you sit still long enough, Otis will most likely curl up in your lap and snooze. In fact, she’s lying across my arms right now as I type. So obnoxious.


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