My Frisbee Life – “HER Nashville” article

Click photo and go to "Journeys" archive for another Ultimate article from a few years ago

Although a lot of folks I know seemed (and seem) to know exactly what they’re doing as they navigate their way through the immediate post-collegiate years, I certainly did not.

For me, the early twenties were rather painful and uncertain years, fraught with my own insecurities and confusion about how to plot a course through youthful relationships and career decisions, choices I knew would come to define me, but that I didn’t feel mature or sure enough to make at the time.

That’s the time of life when, to my mind, we most need an urban tribe. My tribe was called “FLO;” it wore a uniform (of sorts) and helped me make it to 28, which was when things seemed to smooth out on the career/relationship front. It wasn’t a therapy group or a grad-school program. It was a women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and it helped me grow up.

Here’s an article I wrote for HER Nashville magazine about my many Ultimate Frisbee summers, and how chasing around a small plastic disc with my best girlfriends turned out to be the cure for what ailed me.

For more information about playing Ultimate in Nashville, see the Nashville Ultimate Machine website.

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